Boston Cannabis Delivery Process

Ready for your first weed delivery in Boston?

To get started, first view our menu and browse for any cannabis related products you’d like.

If you are a first time customer (ask about our first timer’s gift!), you will need to text us a copy of a personal ID so we can verify your age! Our delivery driver will also check your ID if necessary to ensure our customers are 21+. When sending your ID, please scribble/mask out any personal information (home address, id number, etc). We only need to see your face and date of birth!

After taking a look at our cannabis menu, text us what you would like to order, your preferred delivery time slot, and delivery address. An example would be:

1 ounce Gorilla glue
2 peanut butter cup edibles

Tomorrow between 6-8pm
XXX Main St, Boston MA

After we receive your text, one of our marijuana support specialist will respond with an order donation total and confirm your delivery time. We accept cash donations only at the moment!

Your greatly appreciated order donation total supports our marijuana delivery service and drivers, so no tip is needed unless you feel extra generous!

And that’s it! To start having your marijuana delivered to your home, send us a text to 617-600-8714.