Which Marijuana Strain Type is Best for you? Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid

To determine which marijuana strain type is best for you depends on what you are looking for. To help you choose a strain type to use, we will explain the three types (indica, sativa, and hybrid) of marijuana strains.


Starting with Indica, this cannabis strain type is great for relaxation and reducing anxiety. Grown in a bit cooler than other strain temperatures, indica marijuana strains usually come from shorter and bushier plants.
Good for night time use since you will feel more of a body high. People usually enjoy watching television shows and movies with indica strains.


Opposite of your indica type, sativa strains are usually taller and thinner. Grown in warmer climates, the effects of sativa plants can give your more mental clarity and alertness. It’s great to use for anxiety reduction while allowing you to be active to complete necessary tasks throughout the day.


Somewhere in the middle, the hybrid type is a cross-breed between an indica and sativa plant. It’s effect can have a bit of both body and mental clarity and alertness. Some hybrid strains may have more of a body effect and some may lean towards a more sativa dominant effect.

Each marijuana strain type has its unique effects. If you ever have any questions or recommendations on which ones to choose and try, feel free to ask one of our marijuana support specialist.

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